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My name is Tabish and I am a Computer Science Undergrad residing in the valley of Kashmir. Currently, I am a final year student in the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar .

Writing code is highly engrossing and a major creative outlet for me and I have been doing the same or over 3 years. I am a huge Python enthusiast and I love all things Python. I have worked and prefer working on Full Stack Development, Cryptographic Systems, Network Design, Blockchain and Machine Learning related projects. In my free time, I enjoy graphic design, cooking and movies. Read More...

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⚒️ Skills

Software Dev   |   Full Stack Dev   |   Networks   |   Cryptography


The first language I learned still happens to be my strongly preferred one for most tasks. I have worked extensively in the language having developed mathematical, automation, web-scraping, simulation, machine learning and blockchain related scripts in Python. Further, I have different Cryptography, Web Design and Network Design related projects written in Python. I prefer Python for solving algorithmic problems and am quite biased to its use in any Competitive Programming I do.


C++ was the primary language in three of the fundamental Computer Science courses that I undertook, namely - CSE 301 Object Oriented Programming, CSE 502 Design & Analysis of Algorithms, CSE 401 Data Structures. I have used C and C++ extensively to learn the design, implementation and applications of Data Structures and learning Object Oriented Design Principles. As such, I have a fairly strong hold on writing C++ code.


Serving as my introduction to the field of Computer Science, I am quite handy with designing functional and responsive websites using these languages. Further, I am the designer and current in-charge of the official organization website for RiSE Institution, Kashmir. Front end design was done using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Some backend functionality is provided through JavaScript Scripts. The website is a lightweight, responsive and simple. Site is live on www.risewithrise.com.


I was introduced to Database Management System concepts through MySQL. Ever since, I have gotten familiar with PostgreSQL which happens to be my preferred SQL variant for database design due to its scalable design, Open Source Code and Vibrant Community. I have used PostgreSQL with Python in a few personal projects (using the PostgreSQL driver psycopg). Currently I am looking at NoSQL alternatives, such as MongoDB for Database Design.

Frameworks 🔬
  • Django: for Full Stack Development
  • Flask: for smaller Web based apps
  • Git: For DVCS & Collaboration
  • Selenium, BeautifulSoup
  • Django REST framework
  • Restful API Services
    💻 Platforms/Tools
  • Windows 10 (Primary)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 (Secondary)
  • JetBrains PyCharm, Spyder
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Blender 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Sublime Text

⌚️ Projects

Proactive RSA Signatures
A proactive and robust implementation of the RSA Signature Scheme employing FDH View on Github
Python C++ Cryptography
A general Cryptographic scheme that can be used for Encryption of Keys as well as for File Signatures while providing a distributed nature to the encryption. Employing an RSA, threshold-based system to distribute the secret key in a proactive and verifiable manner Allows encrypting sensitive encryption related data, such as private keys, and imposing a distributed nature by creating shares of the key. Proactive nature updates the secret values after regular intervals so that even in the case of a breach, adversary may not be able to acquire complete information in time. Implementations are based on various Research papers by Shamir, Tal Rabin, et al.
Remote Resource Utilization Alerts
Whatsapp your Computer Utilization information and remotely execute commands View on Github
Python TwilioAPI Django Utility Script
A Python based collection of scripts that utilize the TwilioAPI to alert the user about excess resource usage (WiFi, CPU, etc. In such a situation, the user is alerted via a Whatsapp message regarding the threshold being crossed. The user can reply to the message and remotely instruct the computer to take appropriate action on the computer, such as turning off the WiFi if bandwidth usage exceeds threshold or shutting down the computer if CPU usage is excessive.
Packet Queuing Simulation in Routers
Simulation based analysis of Router Queuing techniques and packet drops in a network View on Github
Riverbed Modeller Netowrk Design
Simulated on Riverbed Modeller, this project involves analyzing the mechanisms that routers use to handle packets when their buffer sizes are exceeded. A thorough analysis of different schemes reveals how routers drop certain packets to accommodate new packet influx. Accordingly, the effect of these schemes on different forms of incoming packets (Voice, FTP, etc.) is analyzed to reveal that certain methods should be heavily preferred for certain applications to ensure higher throughputs and lower losses.
Django Blogging Website
Full featured social blogging application built using Django and Python View on Github
Python Django PostgreSQL Heroku AWS Full Stack Development
As part of my journey to learn Django, I developed a simplistic Blogging Web App which provides the essentials of a social blogging tool such as: User Registration & Authentication, ability to upload, modify, delete posts and view posts, ability to upload and modify profile details, profile pictures, etc and the ability to access user specific Profile Pages. The site uses ORM based calls to access the database which stores the list of Users and Posts separately. A few optimization functions, such as auto-resizing of profile pictures are also present. This fully functional, robust blog is hosted on __
WSGI Server
Cross platform, manually designed server capable of serving HTTP requests View on Github
Python Full Stack Development
Implemented in Python, this is a elementary implementation of an HTTP Server capable of handling requests independent of the framework of the client. WSGI allows the server to seamlessly interact with clients sending requests via Django, Flask or any other framework without modification of server code. The server creates an HTTP response by generating the appropriate headers and appending the relevant data and dispatching it to the client.
Website for RiSE Institute - risewithrise.com
Official organization website for one of Kashmir's most important education institutions View on Github
HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap Network Design
Live at www.risewithrise.com, the website serves as the official website for RiSE Institute, Srinagar. The design was done in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap. This responsive website provides an organized access to the organization data as well as study resources, all in one place. The website is integrated with 3rd party platform to provide feature such as emailing of form submissions to admins, customizable replies to applicant, form validation, etc.
Shorty - Link Shortening
A link condensing utility for encoding and decoding micro codes for URLs View on Github
Python PostgreSQL Utility Script
Shorty is a link shortening service that will reduce the longest URL's down to a tiny 6 characters. Using a sequence of encoding and hashing operations, an encoded URL is generated. All entries are logged into a PostgreSQL database via the psycopg Python module. The design of the system allows for efficient short URL calculation by using a Base-73 encoding to encode the URL.
Artificial Intelligence Scripts
Collection of AI algorithms along with proper documentation & explanations View on Github
Python Artificial Intelligence
This repository consists of a collection of the most important AI and ML algorithms along with detailed reports and explanations. Some of the algorithms to be found here include: A Star Search, AO Star Search, Particle Swarm Optimization, basic Neural Network simulation and Genetic algorithms
Exploration of how Blockhain based transactions function View on Github
Python Artificial Intelligence
Bychain is a rudimentary implementation of a Blockchain Transaction system designed in Python. It explores the ins' and outs' of a transaction Blockchain by custom methods to create new blocks, hash the blocks, execute PoW and validate the same to add transactions to a public and distributed transaction database.

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